Crossword Dictionary for iPhone+iPod Touch

Supports iPhone 5 full-screen mode (as of v3.1)

Crossword Dictionary has been featured as an App Store Staff Favorite in September 2008.

Crossword Dictionary is a complete dictionary and thesaurus. It's specifically designed to help you solve crossword puzzle grids and play word games like Scrabble®.

It features six modes: Browse, Crosswords, Scrabble®, Anagrams, Random and Favorites. Find a needle in a haystack — whatever the haystack!

In Crossword mode, if you need a six letter word that ends with a G, type in .....G and the app will list every matching word. Specify some optional hints and the result set will be limited to the most relevant matches. The crossword helper is a definite plus when solving your daily grid.

In addition to being a great word game tool, Crossword Dictionary functions as a regular dictionary that lets you browse words freely. It also helps you find words beginning with or containing specific character sequences.

Crossword Dictionary includes an exhaustive corpus: it contains over 83000 terms, over 87000 definitions and 25000 thesaurus entries. It includes regional variants of many words: color, colour, flavor, flavour, tire, tyre, etc.

Crossword Dictionary has all the data it needs to function autonomously without an internet connection, which makes it a perfect travel companion. If you do have an internet connection, you can email definitions, or research further on Wikipedia®.

Version 3 Features:

  • Complete UI revamp supporting the beautiful Retina Display
  • Six modes, depending on what you're doing:
    • Browse
      Browse freely or search within the dictionary
    • Crosswords
      Find words that fit in crossword puzzle grid — add one or more hint words to help find the right match
    • Scrabble®
      Find words you can make with a given set of letters and find out how many points they're worth
    • Anagram
      Rearrange the letters of a word to find new words
    • Random
      Expand your vocabulary by learning new words
    • Favorites
      Browse and manage your favorite words
  • Select from three font sizes in definition viewer;
  • Email definitions;
  • Over 83000 terms, over 87000 definitions and 25000 thesaurus entries;
  • Definitions have a quick link to Google Search, Wiktionary Entry and Wikipedia Article.

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